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  • Opening up the outdoors to kids and grandkids
    What better way to get kids outside and with nature then to offer them a challenge, like camping, hiking and backpacking.  
  • Adults and kids can first gain their confidence on the indoor climbing wall at Christie Mountain in Bruce, Wisconsin, under careful guidance and instruction from knowledgeable staff. All the basics of rock climbing and necessary equipment is provided. When ready for the next step, climbers can head outside to the 30-foot crag. 
  • Motorized Stewardship?
    EDITOR'S LETTER with Joel Patenaude
    The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is now allowing ATV and snowmobile clubs to seek grant money from the state Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Fund. In fact, as soon as mid December, conservation program money could start flowing to the most potentially damaging of recreational activities.
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