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  • The marathon double
    With so many marathons available to run in the fall, choosing just one is almost as difficult as doing the training. By two marathons, I don’t mean, just running or jogging two 26-milers, I’m saying that with the right preparation, you can finish a pair of your fastest ever. 
  • Milwaukee-area runners can race the trails on Labor Day Weekend without heading out of town. That’s when the Lake Michigan Trail Marathon will make its debut in the Milwaukee County Parks along the south shore of Lake Michigan. 
  • Clock ticking on new Milwaukee Marathon
    The effort to win approval for a new, “big city” marathon in Milwaukee has turned into a sprint for Chris Ponteri, the race organizer squeezed by opposition and pressed for time. 
  • The Conserve School near Land O’ Lakes, Wisconsin, will host a Great Lakes Endurance Series trail run on its 1,200-acre Lowenwood property on June 14, and meld the ecological missions of the school and the race organization. 
  • 2014 Upper Midwest mud run & obstacle course events
    There is an ever increasing roster of running events that require participants to clear obstacles, run or crawl through mud and/or get sprayed with paint on the course. And many more of these quirky contrivances are taking place in the upper Midwest. 
  • The ultramarathon mind
    Although hard to imagine, there is an ever expanding sub group of runners pushing their physical, mental and psychological limits running ultramarathons. Be they superhuman or super crazy, ultrarunners find their fraternity growing. 
  • Getting along with getting old, Part II
    Growing old as a runner is like changing residences. Your body is no longer a youthful temple; it has transformed into what Realtors call “a fixer upper” and you are the handyman constantly attending to assorted stiff muscles, sore tendons, achy joints and dull pains. 
  • The new “Marathons of Wisconsin” series challenges runners to participate in five Wisconsin marathons or half marathons throughout the course of the year. Another regional marathon series, now in its second year, is the Great Lakes Marathon Series.  
  • Ultrarunner Zach bitter creates ‘a work of art’
    "It is staggering, as mind-boggling as the distance itself. It is borderline unbelievable and it would be unbelievable if it wasn’t strictly documented," Rich McKnight said after witnessing Zach Bitter smash the U.S. 100-mile and world 12-hour records. 
  • Getting along with getting old, Part I
    If you are over 50, books, magazine articles and lots of stuff on the Internet tell you how to race and train, but no one reveals what it actually feels like to be running when you're an old guy.  
  • Pushing my dad

    I found the Mount Lemmon Half Marathon, billed as the “world’s toughest road marathon.” I figured I’d end up walking most of it anyway. And since I’d be walking, it occurred to me I could push my outdoors-loving dad.

  • Marquette earned a bronze-level “bike friendly community” designation from the League of American Bicyclists in 2010. But with more than a third of its 40 miles of singletrack built since then, the city deserves to be upgraded to gold or platinum status. 
  • Suddenly logic felt like retreat. Sensible behavior seemed more like cowardice. That other guy? He was a true trail runner. Me? Not so much.  
  • We were diverted off the course and told the race was stopped at the 25.5-mile mark. We continued to run not realizing the extent of events at the finish line. We ended up running 26.3 miles before we stopped. In a blink of an eye it was over. 
  • Movin’ Shoes
    RUNNING with Tom Kaufman
    The initial inventory of Movin’ Shoes was four pairs of shoes hanging on a peg board. The first running shoes sold were Tiger Nylon and Leather Cortez. These were soon followed by Blue Ribbon Sports’ (Nike) Nylon and Leather Cortez. The cost of those first running shoes? About $15.
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