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How to simplify holiday shopping this year
Named your car? Then treat it like a good friend with these tips
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Wholesome snacks for back to school
In the market for a mower? The A to Z of zero-turn mowers
A cut above the rest: How to make the perfect holiday cookie
Bird feeding faux pas? 5 easy, no-fret fixes
Power outages 101: Real costs and what to do [Infographic]
Refreshing salads for warm days
All aboard: Family friendly tips to make your cleaning projects a snap
Dress up your dinner party this season: table makeover tips to entertain in colorful style
Superheroes, princesses and cowboys, oh my: top Halloween costumes for 2014
Why it's critical to make eye exams part of your back-to-school routine
Tips on how to give your home an annual checkup
The benefits of enjoying the healthy Mediterranean diet
6 tips for a safe and enjoyable summer
Home organization starts with the right tools: How to get everyone on the same page
Overcome common gardening challenges with raised beds and planters
Negligence is the rust of the soul ... and the car
Keep the cold at bay with these home winterizing tips
Planning to 'have the talk' with senior parents this holiday season? How to begin
Mischievous twists on your family's favorite Halloween tricks and treats
Stop home-maintenance headaches caused by the harsh weather
Communicate confidence in sleeveless style this summer
Ick factor - Why you may be struggling to get rid of those pesky head lice
Simple DIY steps to protect your car through all seasons
Keep growing with season-extending gardening tips for fall
3 expert tips for starting a successful vegetable garden
College personal safety: essential tips for students heading back to campus
Tips on how to prepare your windows and doors for winter and save energy
5 tips to keep your family healthy and your house clean this school year
Planning, communication and cooperation help reduce back-to-school worry for parents of students with diabetes
Simple, smart ways to spend less time on chores, more on fun this summer
Prepping for a party: make-ahead appetizers make summer entertaining easy
Make this football season a smarter one
Gifts for the trend-setter, go-getter and romantic-at-heart
Treats without tricks: Safety and nutrition tips for Halloween
Make it easy: Tips for staying productive this summer
Safety essentials so you can enjoy the great outdoors
Update your workout gear to whip your fitness routine into shape
Enjoy healthier comfort foods while keeping the comfort
How to choose a patio door to transform your home's view
5 totally bogus things you only think you know about allergies
Stylize your space with simple, smart buys and updates
This holiday season, give your family the world - without breaking the bank
Change-of-season checklist for lowering home energy costs
Promoting peer engagement through afterschool programs
Up your game: tips for tailgating
How to be host or hostess with the most(est) with these delicious seasonal recipes
Getting the most out of farmers markets and seasonal produce
Home improvement tips to prepare for the summer storm season
Seven tips for a greener back-to-school season
What to collect at Comic-Con and beyond
Make peace with fall: Get over your love-hate relationship with autumn allergies
Why grandma’s holiday check could be the worst gift for a special needs child
Mint lightens and brightens summer dishes
Stress-free back-to-school shopping tips for parents of teens
Add a burst of flavor to summer meals with grapes
DIY projects to help you whip winter
Four real estate tips to help buyers and sellers both win this summer
Essential swim safety tips
Planned or spontaneous, pull off your next party with ease
How to make the start of the school year healthy and happy
Keeping kids stimulated all summer can help prevent the summer learning slide
Simple ways to make sure your garage isn't costing you money on utility bills
Chic storage ideas to corral clutter
Osteoarthritis knee pain? 4 pain-busting tips as the weather warms up
Expert tips for a delicious grilling season
Perfecting the holiday dinner party
5 home improvements that boost safety, comfort and the value of your home
Elegant summer entertaining with fresh, seasonal cocktails
New ideas to bring your Halloween decor back from the dead
Keep comfortable and stylish with denim this holiday season
Swings, slides, swimming, supper and stains: How to enjoy everything summer has to offer
Grilling enhances the flavors of summer
10 expert strategies for enjoying holiday foods without the weight gain
Dare to pair: food and wine pairings for game day
Prepare your home for outdoor entertaining this summer
DIY Halloween costumes that won't spook your budget
Meatless options for the grill
Catch a glimpse of fall colors on these awesome off-road trails
Simple twists to enhance classic Thanksgiving fare
5 great gifts as modern and unique as dad himself
Tips to help online degree-seekers balance family, fun and education during the holidays
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