Distance runners looking to push themselves have a new way to earn bragging rights and add to their medal collection in 2014. “Marathons of Wisconsin” challenges runners to participate in five Wisconsin marathons or half marathons throughout the course of the year. 

To receive a commemorative medal for their efforts, each runner must complete at least one full marathon in one of the following races:

• Jan. 25-26 (or Jan. 2015) ICEBREAKER INDOOR MARATHON & HALF MARATHON, Petit National Ice Center, Milwaukee; indoormarathon.com

• Sat., May 3 WISCONSIN MARATHON & HALF MARATHON, Kenosha; www.wisconsinmarathon.com

• Sun., May 25 MADISON HALF MARATHON, Madison (no full marathon offered); www.madisonmarathon.org

• Sun., Sept. 21 COMMUNITY FIRST FOX CITIES MARATHON, Appleton; www.foxcitiesmarathon.org

• Sun., Nov. 9 MADISON MARATHON & HALF MARATHON, Madison; www.madisonmarathon.org

Runners who miss or otherwise found themselves unable to register for the 2014 Icebreaker Indoor Marathon and Half Marathon will still have an opportunity to complete the Marathons of Wisconsin challenge by participating in the 2015 edition of the Icebreaker. All other races, however, must be completed in one calendar year to be eligible for the medal at the end of the challenge.

For more information, go to www.marathonsofwisconsin.com.

Great Lakes Marathon Series
Another regional marathon series, now in its second year, is the Great Lakes Marathon Series. Nineteen of the 25 marathons in the series take place in Wisconsin (3), Minnesota (1), Michigan (8), Illinois (1) and Ontario (6).

Rather than require runners to finish a certain number of series races in a given year, prizes are awarded based on the number of Great Lakes races individuals complete throughout their running career. 

“We will award prizes at benchmarks along the way, with a grand prize for those runners dedicated enough to finish all 25 great lakes marathons in their lifetime,” says the website for the series, www.greatlakesmarathonseries.com. 
Only running the marathon distance at each event counts toward the series. 

Taking part in the series is free. The goal of the series is to raise awareness of Great Lakes conservation and restoration efforts.

The 2014 marathons in the Great Lakes Marathon Series are as follows:

• Sun., April 27 MEDICAL MUTUAL GLASS CITY MARATHON, Toledo, OH; www.glasscitymarathon.org

• Sat., May 3 WISCONSIN MARATHON, Kenosha, WI; www.wisconsinmarathon.com

• Sun., May 4 GOODLIFE FITNESS TORONTO MARATHON, Toronto, ON; www.torontomarathon.com

• Sun., May 4 MISSISSAUGA MARATHON, Mississauga, ON; www.mississaugamarathon.com

• Sun., May 18 RITE AID CLEVELAND MARATHON, Cleveland, OH; www.clevelandmarathon.com

• Sun., May 18 CELLCOM GREEN BAY MARATHON, Green Bay, WI; www.cellcomgreenbaymarathon.com

• Sun., May 25 BUFFALO MARATHON, Buffalo, NY; www.buffalomarathon.com

• Sat., June 21 GRANDMA’S MARATHON, Duluth, MN; grandmasmarathon.com

• Sat., June 21 CHARLEVOIX MARATHON, Charlevoix, MI; www.charlevoixmarathon.com

• Sat., July 12 WAUGOSHANCE TRAIL MARATHON, Cross Villiage, MI; www.greatlakesendurance.com

• Sat., July 26 GRAND ISLAND TRAIL MARATHON, Munising, MI; www.greatlakesendurance.com

• Sat., Aug. 30 MARQUETTE MARATHON, Marquette, MI; www.marquettemarathon.com

• Sun., Sept. 14 ERIE MARATHON AT PRESQUE ISLE, Erie, PA; www.erie-runnersclub.org

• Sat., Sept. 20 PORCUPINE MOUNTAINS TRAIL MARATHON, Silver City, MI; www.greatlakesendurance.com

• Sun., Sept. 21 MILES WITH THE GIANT THUNDER BAY MARATHON, Thunder Bay, ON; www.thunderbaymarathon.com

• Sun., Sept. 21 MVP HEALTH CARE ROCHESTER MARATHON, Rochester, NY; www.rochestermarathon.com

• Sat., Sept. 27 OKTOBERFEST MARATHON, Spring Lake, MI; www.oktoberfestmarathon.com

• Sun., Oct. 5 SLEEPING BEAR MARATHON, Empire, MI; www.enduranceevolution.com

• Sun., Oct. 12 BANK OF AMERICA CHICAGO MARATHON, Chicago, IL; www.chicagomarathon.com

• Sun., Oct. 12 TOWPATH MARATHON, Cleveland, OH; towpathtrilogy.net

• Sun., Oct. 12 WHISTLESTOP MARATHON, Ashland, WI; www.whistlestopmarathon.com

• Sun., Oct. 19 DETROIT FREE PRESS/TALMER BANK MARATHON, Detroit, MI; www.freepmarathon.com

• Sun., Oct. 19 SCOTIABANK TORONTO WATERFRONT MARATHON, Toronto, ON; www.torontowaterfrontmarathon.com

• Sun., Oct. 26 NIAGARA FALLS INTERNATIONAL MARATHON, Niagara Falls, ON; www.niagarafallsmarathon.com

• Sun., Nov. 2 HAMILTON MARATHON, Hamilton, ON; www.hamiltonmarathon.ca