A study on how to improve bicycling in Stillwater, Minnesota, is being undertaken by the Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota at the behest of a city business group, according to The Stillwater Gazette.

The Downtown Revitalization Committee, a subcommittee of the Greater Stillwater Area Chamber of Commerce, has asked the alliance to recommend what the city can do to obtain a “Bicycle Friendly Community” designation from the League of American Bicyclists. Currently 10 Minnesota cities have such a ranking.

Todd Streeter, executive director of the chamber, said the time is right for making bike friendly improvements. He noted that the Brown’s Creek Trail will connect Stillwater to the Gateway State Trail by the end of next summer, and the Stillwater Lift Bridge will be converted to a bike and pedestrian trail after completion of the St. Croix Crossing project in 2016.

“Biking is going to be a fundamental transportation mode for downtown that we have not had before,” Streeter told the newspaper.

Dorian Grilley, executive director of the Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota, said the entire community could benefit economically by making it safer and more enjoyable to bike there. “People are looking to buy and live in bikeable, walkable communities, which could conceivably add value to the price of every home and business in the community,” he said.

According to the newspaper, a preliminary report with recommendations was expected in November and a final report in December. Public presentations of the results will likely take place in January.