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  • Double your poling pleasure
    "It’s simple,"CXC's Andy Keller said. "Both classic and skate skiing require double poling, and most people have easy-to-correct flaws. Addressing those will help everyone have more fun on skis, from the three-times-a-season skiers to every weekend racers. 
  • Igor’s final tips on skating more effectively
    We offer this last conversation between the late Igor Badamshin and master skier Charlie Dee on skate skiing technique as a remembrance and parting gift to a great coach and skier. 
  • Skijoring 101
    Looking for a good way to exercise with your pooch this winter? Skijoring, or Nordic skiing with a leashed dog, is an outstanding way to exhaust the most energetic canines if not yourself. 
  • Avoiding stress fractures
    Individuals who have low vitamin D levels have a much higher risk for fractures due to the interaction of their genetic susceptibility and diet. 
  • The marathon double
    With so many marathons available to run in the fall, choosing just one is almost as difficult as doing the training. By two marathons, I don’t mean, just running or jogging two 26-milers, I’m saying that with the right preparation, you can finish a pair of your fastest ever. 
  • Don’t neglect your paddles
    The paddle is as important as the boat. Paddles are meant to interact with water. Not gravel, not rocks, not concrete. Sure, you hit things with your paddle accidentally. But it pains me to see how some folks abuse their paddles. 
  • The 3 (well, 4) legs to solo paddling success
    In my experience, a lot of people talk about solo tripping; few actually do it. That may be a blessing in disguise. Nothing is more miserable than a poorly prepared adventurer with the wrong gear in the wrong place with the wrong skills.  
  • Fit first
    Many cyclists and triathletes are taking an extra step and working with professional bike fitters to guide them through the bike purchasing process. 
  • Classic ski better
    Some skiers hang up their skis after the Birkie. But March in the upper Midwest can provide the best skiing of the season. Igor Badamshin and Charlie Dee discuss how to make the best of late season season, especially to lock in good classic ski technique. 
  • Ski the Birkie more efficiently
    Igor Badamshin: Faster, faster. Everybody wants to get faster. But speed is dependent on more factors than I can deal with at once. So let’s concentrate on a few things to make you and others more efficient between now and the Birkebeiner. Increasing efficiency will mean you use less energy to get to the hills and up them. Let me know after the race if that makes you faster!  
  • Early season skiing
    If you’re lucky or obsessed, you’ve already been on snow by the time you read this. But a lot of skiers only get out once or twice in December, and some don’t get out at all until after the Christmas rush of family events. Whichever group you fall into, that first time on snow is like seeing an old lover a month after you’ve broken up with someone else: exhilarating but risky.  
  • Quit your grumbling over grooming
    Because I know there are people like Johnsrud and Welsch throughout the state busting their butts on their own time and own dime to groom trails that enhance my life, I’m not particularly tolerant of skiers who whine about the quality of the grooming or about having to pay a trail fee or buy a state sticker. 
  • Holiday gifts for silent sports enthusiasts
    If you choose items from this list of recommended holiday gifts for the silent sports enthusiasts in your life, I feel certain they will be put to good use. 
  • Poles apart
    Don Erickson and Jim Joque debate the merits of snowshoeing with one trekking pole or two. 
  • Paddling with kids
    Children can be fickle, but it is important to remember that the goal is to engender a love for the water. With frequent stops for play, exploration and rest, even the smallest child can be a great companion on the water. 
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