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  • Music makes the wheels go round
    I’m not alone in seeing music and cycling go hand and hand, since both get their momentum from unique beats.  
  • A whole lotta dairyland to ride
    If you have ever done either the Dairyland Dare or the Dairy Roubaix, both put on by Michelle and Stewart Schilling, you know there will be cows, hills, burning legs, sweat, tears and more hills. Oh yes, smiles are mandatory as well.  
  • Hill Climbing 101
    BEHIND THE BARS with Kierstin Kloeckner
    As a trainer and cycling coach, I am constantly urging clients who don’t like hills to give them another shot. After all, is riding through flat cornfields day after day really that much fun? By learning to embrace climbing, a whole new world opens up. 
  • To save ourselves, we need to change course
    Each time I meet a new client struggling with their health, I wish I could magically change the environment they live in, provide them with the mental strength to commute by human power, the infrastructure to do so safely and instill in them fear that if they don’t make some simple lifestyle changes, they will not survive for long. 
with Tom Held
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