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  • GRABAAWR: 30 years of a cross-state tour
    Before the tour filled to capacity, months ago I managed to secure a spot in the 30th annual GReat Annual Bicycle Adventure Along the Wisconsin River (GRABAAWR). The cross-state tour starts June 20 and ends June 27. 
  • Celebrate and demand safer bicycling

    This time of year there are many outstanding occasions for the bicycling community to declare their love for their choice of activities and communities. But these organized tours and cyclovias areare meant to supplement, not replace, infrastructure improvements that give individuals the confidence to make bicycling part of their daily routine.

  • A life-changing bike ride around the world
    My mother-in-law gave me Scott Stoll's book, Falling Upwards: One Man’s Quest for Happiness Around the World on a Bicycle, for Christmas. When I contacted Stoll a few months ago, he was still excited to share his journey with others in hopes they would find inspiration to undertake something big themselves. 
  • Is this Michigan’s most scenic cycling tour?
    "Why is it one of my favorite tours?" Dave Foley asks. "Probably because I love pedaling by water and there is an abundance of it along this route. This 18-mile-long peninsula, which is the divider between East and West Traverse Bays, has three major roads, all them offering lake views." 
  • RAGBRAI: America's favorite bicycle ride
    For 42 years and counting. RAGBRAI – the world’s largest, longest and oldest bicycle touring event – is part roving county fair and part Mardis Gras on wheels across Iowa. 
  • Although the weather this time of year in this part of the country makes it challenging, you should try to keep commuting by bike through the winter. It’s easier than you think. 
  • A study on how to improve bicycling in Stillwater, Minnesota, is being undertaken by the Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota at the behest of a city business group 
  • A bike share program will launch in Ann Arbor, Michigan, by next April after winning city council approval. 
  • As spring 2013 arrived, I lifted that decades old steel-framed Ross down from the garage hooks, brushed away the cobwebs and sat on the cracked saddle. I decided to turn the Utopian into a singlespeed commuter.  
  • Runs, walks and bike rides are a popular way for charitable organizations to combine fun, fund raising and awareness for their causes. The April issue of a Chicago-area running magazine included 32 ads for upcoming citizen athletic events. Over a third of the ads touted a charity tie-in.  
  • Can't stop ... too often
    The best week-long bike tour I've done - complete with great scenery every day, rolling hills with spectacular lake views, ideal weather, good camping locations and plenty of tasty food - was the Shoreline West Bike Tour last August.  
  • From the get-go, I knew the Lake Pepin 3-Speed Tour was going to be different. Riders dressed in tweeds, Bermuda shorts or, for the ladies, classy dresses. They lovingly hefted shiny steel bikes off racks. Most often the bikes were British steeds equipped with Sturmey Archer three-speed rear hubs.  
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