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  • Fit first
    Many cyclists and triathletes are taking an extra step and working with professional bike fitters to guide them through the bike purchasing process. 
  • Petitioners duel over fat bikes on Michigan's Vasa ski trails
    A group of Traverse City, Michigan-area, cross-country skiers want fat bikes banned from the groomed Vasa Pathway ski trails. The group posted an online petition and announced its intention to argue for a ban at an April 28 public forum in Traverse City. Area fat bikers have countered with their own petition, suggesting that responsible riding on the trail can and should continue. 
  • Gov. Walker signs into law Vulnerable Users Bill, ends ban on night trail use
    Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker on April 8 signed into law two bills sought by bicycling advocates. While the version of the Vulnerable User Bill defines "vulnerable user" in state law for the first time. Walker also signed Assembly Bill 730 which ends the ban on riding state trails at night. 
  • Hurts so good
    Experience proves that a WEMS race is a long day with plenty of time for dramatic reversals as the hours take their toll. After 40 of those monsters now, I’m still learning lessons.  
  • Welcome spring by pledging to do #30daysofbiking
    The idea is as simple as it sounds. Riders pledge to ride every day in April - it doesn't matter for far, fast, with a group or solo or on what kind of bike - and share their experiences on social media. 
  • Gravel grinding
    To ride gravel roads is to double your possibilities on a bike. Once shunned by the skinny tire crew, gravel gets a rider away from the traffic and into another dimension of the terrain previously hidden from view. 
  • Onalaska, a small west-central Wisconsin city, recently earned a bronze-level Bike Friendly Community Award from the League of American Bicyclists. 
  • Go fat!

    Dozens of builders, now being joined by industry giants Trek and Specialized, offer fat bike models in any material from steel to full carbon. Pounds of weight have been cut from wheel designs, and fat bikers have enough tire and winter gear choices to consume any disposable income. The new fat bikes handle more like mountain bikes on sand and snow than the dune buggies they once were.

  • Bills making progress in the Michigan Legislature would allow cyclists to hold out their right arms to signal their intention to turn right and run red lights that don’t change because they aren’t triggered by the presence of a bicycle.

  • A 63-year-old man from Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin, is charged with three felony counts of recklessly endangering safety after he allegedly tried to run three cyclists off the road and slammed on the brakes in front of them. 
  • The Bloomington City Council voted unanimously in mid October to connect the Constitution Trail to downtown and Illinois Wesleyan University via painted road sharrows and bike lanes. The council also agreed to work with the Illinois League of Bicyclists to create a citywide bike plan, according to in Bloomington. 
  • Cyclists explain need for a 'vulnerable users' law to state senators
    A state Senate committee hears testimony on a bill that would increase penalties for motorists who seriously injure or kill bicyclists, pedestrians and other "vunerable users" of Wisconsin roadways. 
  • Night users of state trails subject to fines
    Take a walk or bike on a state trail in Wisconsin during night-time hours and you unknowingly become a criminal subject to a $175 fine. That’s because buried in a section of the voluminous administrative code for which state government is notorious is a provision that state trails are closed from 11 p.m. until 6 a.m. Known as NR45.04, the rule was created by the DNR in 1984. 
  • Marquette earned a bronze-level “bike friendly community” designation from the League of American Bicyclists in 2010. But with more than a third of its 40 miles of singletrack built since then, the city deserves to be upgraded to gold or platinum status. 
  • To become a more bike friendly city, Des Moines, Iowa, has to start somewhere. That starting point was the painting of shared-lane street markings and creation of a “contraflow” bike lane – the only one in Iowa – in downtown Des Moines in late August. 
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